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Voice of Glass Exhibition 2020

October 16 - December 13

Exhibition – Voice of Glass Collaborative

Advisory Committee Members – Suojia Zhang, Jin Hongo and Milan Hlaves

Curators – Dr. Inguna Audere and Vita Birzaka

Venue – Rigas Birza, Riga, Latvia http://www.lnmm.lv/en/mmrb/

Single authorship is still prevalent in art. This situation makes the idea of collaboration a new frontier to explore the nature of inspiration, ideation, creation, and realization. Aspects of personal, national, societal, and cultural identity can more readily be considered and expressed from the multiple points of view the collaborative experience provides. With the “Voice of Glass Collaborative” exhibition the emphasis will be on global, international points of view and exploring pluralistic approaches to creating. We hope to define what it means to be one among others. We live in an increasingly global environment where the key to facing current and future challenges will require cooperative efforts. Collaboration within the arts can be seen as playing field for considering complex issues and questions as the arts can encompass all disciplines. Currently artists are collaborating with scientists, economists, anthropologists as well as composers, poets, and choreographers, the list is extensive.

“Voice of Glass Collaborative will involve international artists focusing on glass as a medium integrated with other disciplines including transitional collaborations. Unity and diversity of content will be inherent in the works presented. Through interdisciplinary arts the essence of humanity and complexities of social unity and duality can be revealed. Through the dynamic process of collaboration, we hope to discover new forms of experimental hybridization which communicate rich and complex associations.


Exhibition opening: Rīgas Birža, Riga, Latvia, October 16, 2020.